Drug use, drowning caused Bobbi Brown's death

  • 05/03/2016

Bobbi Brown, the only child of late singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, died from a combination of drug intoxication and drowning, autopsy results have shown.

Marijuana and alcohol use were also involved in her death.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner revealed on Friday that Brown's death was caused by a combination of drug intoxication and being immersed in water -- she was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub at her Georgia home in July last year.

Her mother, famed singer Whitney Houston, died in similar circumstances when she drowned in a bathtub at a Beverley Hills hotel in 2012. Autopsy results showed she had taken a mixture of drugs including cannabis and cocaine.

Brown's autopsy had been sealed following her death, but the protective order on the results was lifted on Thursday after local station 11Alive News requested it be made public.

"The underlying cause of death is the condition which starts the downhill course of events leading to death and in this case is the immersion associated with drug intoxication," they said in the statement.

The drugs involved in her passing were revealed to be marijuana and alcohol, as well as medication used to treat anxiety and for sedation.

The office of the medical examiner revealed they had reviewed Brown's medical records, investigative files and other documents to reach a verdict on her cause of death.

Following Brown's death, her 22-year-old boyfriend Nick Gordon was hit with a US$10 million (NZ$14.7 million) wrongful death lawsuit from Brown's court-appointed co-conservator, Bedelia Hargrove. District Attorney Paul Howard had argued that releasing the autopsy details could hamper the investigation into Gordon's alleged involvement in Brown's death.

Gordon denies any wrongdoing and at the time of the filing, his former legal team called the lawsuit "slanderous and meritless," and a "fictitious assault against the person who loved Krissy most".

Eyewitnesses have previously stated Brown and Gordon's romance was a turbulent one, fuelled by drugs. Brown's family barred her boyfriend from visiting the tragic youngster during the final months of her life.