Fundraiser aims to bring LGBTI into the TV limelight

Two Naked Gay Guys markets itself as a comedy webseries (Facebook)
Two Naked Gay Guys markets itself as a comedy webseries (Facebook)

The appearance of lesbian and gay characters on television screens is now commonplace, but it's not since Queer Nation in the 1990s that there's been a show telling the stories of New Zealand's queer community.

Writer Conan McKegg wants to bring the LGBTI characters out of the position of a support character and put them front and centre in his new online series Two Naked Gay Guys.

"On television now, we still have stories focused mainly on heterosexual leads with queer supporting cast. Much of what I write is genre material that just so happens to have queer lead characters."

McKegg has turned to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to fund the series.  A new episode will be released when set goals are reached.

"If we can get 3000 people to pledge $20 each, that would fund our entire season. So every time someone shares the link and helps us raise our profile -- that increases our chances of reaching people who are happy to pledge money."

McKegg speaks very highly of his small team that pump out the Two Naked Gay Guys series, saying it's the best shoot he's ever worked on.

The show is at times 'not safe for work' but its creators are keen to point out that it's in no way pornographic.

"Yes, there's sex and the show is sexy. But it's first and foremost a comedy."

McKegg and his team are hoping to get enough funding to complete series one and then begin work on a second series.