Kiwis meet YouTube's stars

Hundreds of YouTube fans line-up to meet their stars in Auckland (Newshub.)
Hundreds of YouTube fans line-up to meet their stars in Auckland (Newshub.)

For those above the age of 20, you're forgiven if you haven't heard the names Jamie Curry or Tyler Oakley before.

But on social media, they're a pretty big deal.

They're video bloggers, caught up in a YouTube revolution -- and their videos are seen by millions of fans worldwide. To give a point of reference, Both Curry and Oakley have over 10 million subscribers on social media. They film and edit and broadcast videos for the subscribers to earn a living.

For Napier teen Curry, this is a long way from where she was only four years ago.

"I was 15 and my friends told me that I was quirky, can you post it on the internet for us? So I made this page just for my friends -- but I didn't know how to make it private-- and then random people joined in, and now there is a crowd of people outside."

This weekend Curry is taking part in 'Amplify', a convention which is being held in Auckland and Wellington. It's a chance for fans to meet and greet a swathe of YouTube stars and take photos with their idols.

Hundreds gathered outside the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna this morning. They had all paid $120 for the opportunity.

Some of the fans waiting outside told Newshub they looked up to the likes of Oakley as a role model -- especially for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

"He makes me laugh so much. He's hilarious. I just love him. I love what he stands for. He's quite a big influence in the LGBT community and he's quite a big role model," said one fan.

And their influence is even bigger in other parts of the world. At Melbourne's Amplify, people lined up from one end of Lunar Park to the other for their chance at catching a glimpse of Oakley.

Curry says that influence is a huge responsibility.

"I think it is important that I do talk about important issues, but then I am kind of on the fence. I don't really want to put my opinion on there and tell people that they're wrong. My main thing is don't be a d**khead and just be nice."

Kiwis meet YouTube's stars