Trio spread cheer on woolshed tour

Trio spread cheer on woolshed tour

At a time when life's a bit tough for rural communities, a trio of Kiwi performers are setting off on a woolshed tour to boost morale. 

They're coming armed with their own stage curtain, a bar and plenty of laughs.

Over the next five weeks the talented ladies will transform more than 20 working wool sheds into live stages the length of the South Island.

They're travelling by horse truck, carting hundreds of chairs, a bar, and full production set.

Farmer Georgie Harper says it's hard to say no when the performance is brought to you.

"Most farmers sort of put their hands up and go, 'Oh no thanks I don't want to go to a show or ballet or anything like that', but when it comes to you there's sort of no excuse and I think everyone actually really enjoys a night out."

Fly My Pretties star and 2015 Silver Scroll finalist Mel Parsons is providing the music, and comedy duo Amelia Dunbar and Emma Newborn will deliver the laughs.

"A lot of these areas, nothing ever goes [there]," Parsons says.

"Some of these places we turn up and say, 'Geez nothing has been here for 20 years', so I think a part of it is that the communities really appreciate that we would go that far."

And for farmers struggling with the dramatic drop in milk prices, a night's entertainment couldn't come at a better time. 

Once they reach the bottom of the South Island, the trio will be heading to the North Island for their turn of the action.