Florence Welch sings for terminally ill teen

Florence Welch
Florence Welch

A teen has been treated to a private Florence Welch concert, after being forced to miss a Florence + The Machine show as a result of her terminal illness.

The 15-year-old, who is hospitalised in Austin, Texas, had cherished her tickets to the event, asking hospital staff all week if she would be allowed to attend.

But after setbacks nurse practitioner Christie Kremer had to say no to the girl.

"All week -- through setback after setback -- she asked if she would be able to go," Ms Kremer posted on Facebook.

"We tried to entertain the idea and it felt so scary and overwhelming for the medical staff and her mother that finally I said no, and my heart broke again."

Then, through a team effort from those at the hospice, contact was made with Florence Welsh and she agreed to visit the girl.

The girl's mother was nervous the singer wouldn't turn up -- but when she saw her coming down the hospital corridor she burst into tears, Ms Kremer said.

Ms Kremer later thanked the artist on Facebook for providing "an amazing gift of kindness".


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