Ingrid Hipkiss joins the Paul Henry team

  • 30/05/2016
Ingrid Hipkiss joins the Paul Henry team

Ingrid Hipkiss is the newest member of the Paul Henry team, joining Paul Henry, Jim Kayes and Verity Johnson weekday mornings as news anchor.

The former Newshub Live at 6pm weekday weather presenter began her Newshub career as a political reporter in Wellington 13 years ago. In addition to her time in the press gallery, during her career Ingrid has worked as a senior reporter for the 6pm bulletin, presenter on Nightline and news anchor on Sunrise.

Ingrid Hipkiss joins the Paul Henry team

Ingrid has reported on the full spectrum of news and current affairs - from travelling to France to cover the repatriation of the remains of the Unknown Warrior, to everything from floods to food fads, and crime to cricket. In her time as a political and general news reporter she has covered elections, major legislation and the rise (and sometimes fall) of Helen Clark, Don Brash and John Key. 

Ingrid holds a Bachelor of Communication Studies from Auckland University of Technology (AUT), and before joining MediaWorks worked as a legal executive and a print journalist.

Ingrid’s partner Jack Tarrant is a cameraman, and played professional rugby in Japan.

She is mum to two boys, Hunter, 9, and Brody, 5. Ingrid lists her interests as reading, movies and spending time with friends and family. She also has a passion for de-cluttering, list making and coffee, and is a world-class sports spectator.

She supports the Breast Cancer Foundation, the Cancer Society and UNICEF.