Kiwi singers’ successful Deadpool venture

Finley (L) and Isla Brentwood (Facebook)
Finley (L) and Isla Brentwood (Facebook)

A gamble on whether this year’s blockbuster movie Deadpool was going to be a hit has paid off for a musical act from New Zealand.

Finley and Isla Brentwood, who currently reside in Melbourne, caught the eye of Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds after uploading their acoustic twist on the official ‘Deadpool Rap’.

“We were busking at the time and saw a notification saying ‘Ryan Reynolds shared your video…’ we actually didn’t believe it and thought we were being spammed”.

The Queenstown raised brother and sister act, who perform under the name ‘Brentwood Duo’, were then contacted by Milan Records and Teamheadkick, the group behind the now infamous rap.

“They loved our version and asked if we would be interested in recording it for the re-release of the Deadpool Reloaded soundtrack...again we thought we were being spammed, but replied with a HELL YES, just in case”.

The next 48 hours were a blur for the talented siblings, who had to record the song, and get it sent off to LA

“We just really loved the movie, and wanted to cover a song that got people talking”.

The Brentwood Duo are currently working on some original music, and are excited to see what the future holds.

“There has been some talk of a trip to LA to meet the amazing people who made Deadpool’s just been so surreal.”


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