Sacha Baron Cohen: I was the first person to realise Trump's a dick

  • 28/05/2016
Donald Trump and Ali G (YouTube)
Donald Trump and Ali G (YouTube)

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's latest flick has hit cinemas, featuring a scene where a Donald Trump impersonator gets infected with HIV.

The film, The Brothers Grimsby, has been screened around the world and according to Baron Cohen the risqué plot twist has repeatedly been given standing ovations by audiences.

But it's not the first time he has had something to do with Mr Trump. An interview has resurfaced from when he was filming the Ali G Show 13 years ago.

"I was the first person to realise that he's a dick," Baron Cohen told James Corden on The Late Late Show.

Ali G was trying to sell the then business man a glove for eating ice-cream, which not only protects your hands from the drips, but also keeps them warm while you eat the cool treat.

"What is the most popular thing in the world?" Ali G asks.

"Music," replies Mr Trump.


"Tell me."

"Ice-cream, everyone has it. And what is the problem with ice-cream?"

"I have no idea."

"It drips."

"So, me idea is what?"

"To make a drip proof ice-cream."

"No, but that's a f---king brilliant idea."

Baron Cohen said the quizzing lasted 7 minutes -- a long time for an Ali G interview. But actual footage disputes this claim, only running for one minute.

Baron Cohen was questioned by a reporter about the connection he made between the Republican presidential front-runner and AIDS.

"I really think it would be very unfair to tarnish the reputation of AIDS by associating it with Donald Trump," he answered.