The Bachelor dumps Fleur: 'It's just a shock'

  • 12/05/2016
The Bachelor NZ winner Fleur Verhoeven
The Bachelor NZ winner Fleur Verhoeven

The winner of The Bachelor NZ says she spent a good part of Wednesday afternoon in tears after being dumped by the man she’d hoped to build a relationship with.

Fleur Verhoeven came out of Monday night’s finale feeling elated after being picked by Jordan Mauger, but just two days later she got the bad news.

"I've been crying. It's not easy," she told TV3’s Story. "I've had a very rough couple of hours. It's just a shock, really."

Jordan went to see her at her hotel room in Auckland to break off the relationship.

"Jordan came to visit me and he's pretty much kind of explained how he's been feeling and that he's decided that his feelings aren't mutual unfortunately," Fleur told Story. "We've decided that... well, he's decided that he wants to leave it here and go our separate ways."

She says the experience left her feeling "not the greatest".

"I really hoped that we could kind of start fresh and start over, start new, get to know each other and hang out. So I was -- no, I would say I was quite surprised to hear that he doesn't want to give it a chance."

She says she doesn’t believe fellow finalist Naz has had any influence on the decision. In media interviews earlier on Wednesday, Naz said she had slept with Jordan during the show.

Fleur says she’ll be spending some time with her family before deciding what to do next, but she doesn’t hold anything against Jordan.

"I'm not angry with him, in fact I actually -- I respect him being honest with me. I understand that we have both been through a very crazy last couple of months."