Big dance comeback for classic 'Poi E'

Big dance comeback for classic 'Poi E'

A classic Kiwi song is getting a bit of a revival thanks to a charity called Stepup Taranaki.

Eighties hit 'Poi E' is the theme tune to what could be the world's largest ever choreographed video.

More than 200 bikers lined a street in Taranaki yesterday to do their bit for charity.

It'll be just one scene in a massive dance video due to be released later this year, to the tune of a local favourite.

"The song 'Poi E' was synonymous with the project," says Stepup Taranaki chairman Sam Bennett.

"What we wanted was something that was iconic, that spoke Taranaki and spoke to our people."

Just like it spoke to the whole country in 1984, when it spent four weeks at the top of the music charts.

The Patea Maori Club, Dalvanius Prime's family and songwriter Ngoi Pewhairangi gave Stepup their blessing to use the song for this project.

Some of the women who starred in the original even reprised their roles.

Stepup has been filming this video for six months now, with people dancing to 'Poi E' all over the region at iconic locations like the New Plymouth wind wand, at popular surf spots, and even at a wedding.

All the while raising money for the Taranaki hospice and Taranaki Young People's Trust.

"And just getting our province enthused, and getting them off their butts and dancing," Mr Bennett says.

There's still a chance to get dancing, with a few more scenes to be shot before the video is released in October.

Stepup hopes it'll go viral and get 'Poi E' back at number one in the charts by Christmas.


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