Mel Gibson resurrects Passion of the Christ for sequel

Jim Caviezel as Jesus
Jim Caviezel as Jesus

The Passion of the Christ is to get a sequel, focusing on Jesus' biblical resurrection and ascension to heaven.

"There's a lot more story to tell," screenwriter Randall Wallace, who worked with director Mel Gibson on Braveheart, told The Hollywood Reporter.

The 2004 film was a monster box office, despite its graphic violence and the entirety of the dialogue being spoken in Aramaic, Hebrew and Latin. It cost only $US30 million to make, yet pulled in more than US$600 million worldwide.

"The evangelical community considers The Passion the biggest movie ever out of Hollywood, and they kept telling us that they think a sequel will be even bigger," Wallace told The Hollywood Reporter.

However, the project is still in its genesis and doesn't yet have financial backing or a studio behind it.

"It's too early to talk money. This is such a huge and sacred subject," says Wallace.

Jim Caviezel, who starred as Jesus in The Passion, has recently wrapped up filming of the final season of mind-bending sci-fi TV drama Person of Interest.