Pop group the Veronicas' mature new sound

Pop group the Veronicas' mature new sound

Australian pop group the Veronicas have swept in and out of Auckland on a whirlwind promotional tour.

During a contractual dispute with their record label they weren't allowed to release music for seven years.

But they're back and about to put out a fourth album.

Lisa and Jessica Origliasso thought they could smash out hits like 'Untouched' forever.

But a legal bust-up with their record company put their careers on hold for seven years and drove them to the brink.

"The only thing that kept us sane throughout that was continuing to channel that back into the music," says Jessica.

"We are a little crazy still, but yeah it was a very tough time - we had to fight to get out of that situation."

While the duo were barred from releasing music, they followed other passions like wildlife conservation.

The hiatus helped create bittersweet ballads like 'You Ruin Me' and mellowed their pop punk sound.

"As as we've grown older and wiser and we've lived life a little bit more, they're the experiences that we write about now," Jessica says.

"So they do have this little bit of a mature edge to them I suppose."

So mature, they barely party.

"We used to be a little like that but now we're in bed by 8pm if possible, with a nice hot cup of tea," Jessica says.

It's an exaggeration perhaps, but it has helped put the Veronicas back on top of the Australian charts.

Like most twins, the pair have had their battles and their reconciliations, but the love's always there.

"She's the most generous soul I've ever met in my life," Jessica says.

"She really has the biggest heart," Lisa says. "She is hilarious, she is literally the funniest person I've ever met."