Reef Ireland on playing Westside’s Wolf


Meet 22-year-old Reef Ireland, who plays Wolfgang West on TV3's Westside.

Son of Rita and Ted West, Wolf is a new breed of career criminal - but he does have a soft spot.

"I guess he is a little bit of a rebel with a cause, he's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder with his old man and he's a real mummy's boy."

Spoiler alert - last season, Rita took a hit for her son after he killed a man, going to jail for his crime.

"I feel like Wolf certainly carries that guilt with him and he uses it as almost a weapon against his mum… 'You did something real big for me, how can I pay you back?'"

The actor says the guilt really ate up his character in the second series, but says it was a good driver of drama on the show.


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