Troye Sivan disappointed by lack of gay rights progress


While most 21-year-olds are perhaps still figuring out what they want to do in life, Australian musician Troye Sivan seems to have things pretty sorted.

"At the core of it I think I really just like making stuff and being creative," he says.

He may be young, but already he's a successful singer living in both LA and Sydney.

It all began when he started making YouTube videos in his parents' home in Perth.

Sivan's move into iTunes then launched him into superstardom, and the song 'Happy Little Pill' made it to number two in New Zealand.

"I went to LA for the first time by myself, and was really super lonely and didn't have a lot of friends, and was just in my hotel room," he says.

"It sort of shifted and became about escapism of all types."

But Sivan didn't want to only be known as a gifted singer, but someone with important message to share as well. 

Sivan came out as gay via one of his videos in 2013.

Now he's become an idol for thousands of young people, especially in the LGBT community.

Sivan says when it comes to gay rights, he's amazed at just how much further there is to go for every country in the world. 

"There is 100 percent people in this world who still will kill you over this issue, so there's obviously a super long way to go," Sivan says.

He also says Australia needs to catch up to the Kiwis when it comes to same-sex marriage.

"I can't believe that gay marriage is not legal in Australia. It blows my mind."

While he's become a pretty big deal in the music industry and the LGBT community, it seems he's still pretty grounded.


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