Bad Moms review

Bad Moms (Supplied)
Bad Moms (Supplied)

First Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and now Bad Moms - women everywhere seem spoiled for choice right now when it comes to chick flicks.

But do women everywhere simply deserve better?

The 'Bad Moms' are in town and invite like-minded moms everywhere to share their pain.

Depending on your state of mind and how desperate you are for a few hours away from your kids, there may be pleasure in that pain.

Or not.

Now a mom herself - but with the kind of mom body most of us can only ever dream of - actress Mila Kunis leads the pack as a working mom just trying to hold it together in front of the rich stay-at-home PTA moms.

Apart from looking more like the hot sister of her kids than their mother she is well cast, as are her partners in crime.

She hits the wall and decides striving to be the perfect mom isn't working, so she might as well go full BAD.

There are just too many sweeping stereotypes here to take aim at and I simply don't have the time nor will to live to bother.

However, let's just say according to bad moms all solo mothers are sex-mad alcoholic slappers, all husbands are self-absorbed philandering bullies - and the only decent man on the block just happens to be a crazy hot widower.

I wish I could just let it go and take simple enjoyment from what is clearly meant to be some light distraction for harried mothers everywhere, and at the very least I should be thankful Hollywood made a film just for us!

But given how rich the R-rated humour in parenting can be, particularly for women, at least gift us a half-decent consistently funny movie!

I feel robbed.

2 Stars.

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