'Poi E' breakdancer's emotional link with the song

'Poi E' breakdancer's emotional link with the song

Hit song 'Poi E' didn't just make the Patea Māori Club famous - it also changed the life of young Wellington breakdancer Joe Moana.

He says seeing the film on the big screen, going back over those memories, was an amazing experience.

"I mean, there was footage I hadn't seen for years, and footage I hadn't seen [at all]," Moana says.

"Basically five seconds after the movie started I was crying, and every two seconds I was like, 'I'm gonna cry again!'."

There were lots of tears, lots of memories, and lots of breakdancing - Moana's white gloves and killer 80s moves were the star attraction.

Moana's 'Poi E' journey was clearly a very personal one and his relationship with the song has changed over the years.

"Because I am older now, I understand it a lot better, and the movie, really touched my heart," he says.

Poi E: The Story of Our Song opened the NZ International Film Festival and now audiences all across the country get to see what all the fuss is about.

"It's very special to me now," Moana says.

"Back when I was younger it was just a song to dance to - nowadays there is so much more that comes with the song."


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