The Internet log on to New Zealand for new tour

The Internet
The Internet

LA soul group The Internet are back in New Zealand for their first full band performance since playing at Auckland's Laneway Festival.

They're here on a world tour for their third album, Ego Death.

With a name like that you could think they'd be as far out from the real world as possible. But in reality, they've managed to stay pretty down to earth.

"Every so often I have moments where I'm like, 'Yeah, this is really crazy!'" says lead vocalist Syd Tha Kyd, real name Sydney Bennett.

"It's pretty cool, but it's not just touring the world - it's doing it with the people we're doing it with."

The group of six is headed by Bennett and Matt Martians. For their third and latest album they've pulled from their Odd Future roots to create a new sound.

"I call it the drum chord theory," says Martians. "You simplify the drums, but you can still do really melodic and crazy things on top of the music."

Their songs include lyrics about life and relationships, but also hint at some global issues. Take the track 'Penthouse Cloud', written the day after the 2014 Michael Brown verdict after he was shot by police in Missouri.

"Our music is always going to reflect what's going on," says Martians.

"I think there's way more creative ways than being straight forward about it. I think that's the challenge, being creative at the same time and making people dance but also having a message."

And when it comes to their message on the US election, it's a clear one.

"You gotta vote! The main point is making sure your opinion is counted and heard," Bennett says.

The Internet will play at Auckland's Power Station on Tuesday night, before heading to Wellington on Wednesday.


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