Stripper reveals secrets of the industry

Stripper reveals secrets of the industry

A former stripper who spent more than 20 years in the industry is now opening up about her experiences.

Leigh Hopkinson's danced in some of the most exclusive men's clubs in the world and has now written a book about her career.

At the age of 18, Ms Hopkinson first started taking her clothes off as a uni student out the back of a Christchurch brothel.

"It was a world that I had no knowledge of that I was intrigued by, but certainly I was out of my depth initially," she says.

Two decades later the ex-boarding school beauty has hung up her G-string and strutted away from the industry for the last time.

But just what was it like spending 20 years earning a living naked?

"It was quite a rollercoaster initially, I was quite young and quite naive and it was very much about me and what I wanted, and over time that changed," Ms Hopkinson says.

She says her years were spent enjoying the thrill of dancing in some of the most exclusive clubs across the Tasman and further abroad in London.

But since ending her career 18 months ago, Ms Hopkinson has opened up about her experiences as a stripper in her book Two Decades Naked.

She hopes it'll make people more comfortable with the sex industry.

"I wanted to provide a sneak peek into a realm that most people don't know a lot about but I also wanted to address the stigma that comes with this line of work."

She also wanted to give a voice to the women who aren't afraid to shed their clothing for a living.

Two Decades Naked is in stores now.