Family Feud marriage proposal stuns bride to be

  • 06/09/2016
Joe and Leni Tomuli getting engaged on TV3's Family Feud
Joe and Leni Tomuli getting engaged on TV3's Family Feud

The couple who got engaged on TV3's Family Feud on Tuesday night in a television first both "lost it" during the big moment.

Joe and Leni of the Tomuli family are now preparing to be wed after Joe proposed to Leni in front of the cameras and studio audience.

"Ya gotta love this show, will you marry me?" Joe asked, down on one knee near the end of the episode.

"I kind of lost it there for a minute," Leni tells Newshub.

"I don't remember a single word that he said. I just saw him and I got a bit teary. Then I snatched the ring, I didn't even let him put it on my finger."

"I went kind of blank, I lost what I was going to say," adds Joe.

The couple have been together for a decade and have two daughters. Although she's been waiting a long time to tie the knot with Joe, Leni says the engagement was too recent for them to have made any wedding plans.

"We haven't set any dates or anything. I've waited ten years, I can probably wait a couple more. We're not in a rush."

The couple are both quite fond of Family Feud host Dai Henwood, who jumped up and down when they got engaged and offered to organise the stag do.

"He's so funny in person. He actually calmed us down, he's really cool," says Joe.

"He's an avid Warriors supporter and I'm hardcore into my Warriors."

Leni says she hasn't put much thought into her hen do, except for the fact she'd like it to have a stripper. If Dai is available to perform that role, she "wouldn't say no if he was keen".

Team Tomuli may have been eliminated from Family Feud, but they're not keen on disappearing from our screens entirely. Leni says they're thinking about starting a Facebook campaign to have them brought back on the show.

Seeing as they got engaged on it, would the couple actually get married on their beloved game show?

"Far out, that'd be awesome if we could do that!" exclaims Joe enthusiastically.

Dear Family Feud producers: Your move.