How to DAD's secret to a good Fathers' Day


The man behind viral Facebook page 'How to DAD' has given Newshub some tips on 'how to have a bloody good Fathers' Day'.

The page started in November 2015 when Jordan Watson made a video for his friend who was expecting a child.

"My wife was out with my eldest daughter and left me at home with the baby, she was like three months old and I was bored. So I slapped the camera up on a couple of boxes of beer and hit record.

"I made up some holds and I did a video called 'how to hold a baby', posted it, tagged him in it and overnight it went worldwide, it went crazy and I had no idea what was going on, my phone had all of these YouTube notifications."

He realised there was a gap in the market that his videos could fill so he made Facebook and YouTube pages and has been posting a video per week ever since.

Mr Watson says he will be "chilling at home" on the big day.

"Fingers crossed there will be a sleep in and my daughter doesn't poop her nappy for the whole day so I don't have to change her nappy."