Kiwis' Donald Trump game a hit in the US


Four Kiwis are behind a new app aiming to help Donald Trump make more than just America great again.

Kind of.

Instead of playing as the US Republican candidate and former Celebrity Apprentice host, the game focuses on Donald Jrump in 2017, a madman with tiny, tiny hands.

And Jrump has great goals - to "make the galaxy great again".

It's a bit of a mix of Doodle Jump and Mega Jump - Jrump builds walls to jump higher and higher out of the atmosphere, outracing his enemies which include people who are definitely not Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

If you fail, you get called names.

Two small Kiwi studios, Oddboy and Apparcanum, united for a hectic 12 weeks to make the game.

It was partially inspired by the "chaos" of the US elections, Oddboy's Benjamin Markby and Tom Bellamy say.

"After hearing Trump go on and on about that damn wall and how it was the answer to America's problems, we began to discuss how funny it would be to make a game focused around his love of walls and the apocalypse that might happen following his election."

The team aren't worried about legal repercussions from the real Donald Trump, classing the game as satire.

"It's always been in the back of our minds, but surely he's got bigger fish to fry," they say.

"If four indie game developers from New Zealand can get under his skin then what does that say about his character."

And with the success of Jrump, could a version based in our backyard be on the horizon?

"You never know, but something tells me a game about pulling ponytails and threeway handshakes might not take off in quite the same way."

Jrump is freely available through Apple's App Store and the Google Play store.