Racial slur rips apart Real Housewives of Auckland

Michelle and Julia
Michelle and Julia

Tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Auckland will go down as the most shocking yet, after one of the housewives used an appalling racial slur.

Housewife Julia Sloane referred to fellow housewife Michelle Blanchard as a "n*****" in the explosive episode.

Racial slur rips apart Real Housewives of Auckland

Michelle after the incident

Julia has apologised profusely for using the term, both in the rest of the episode and in media over the last few days. There was even a legal battle with Julia and her investment banker husband trying to get the slur removed from the episode, saying it was taken out of context.

But it was left in, along with Michelle's fiery response - throwing wine at Julia, then the whole wine glass with a scream of "you f**king whore!"

Racial slur rips apart Real Housewives of Auckland

Gilda tries to restrain Michelle after she throws a wine glass at Julia

"It came out wrong... I should never have said it," Julia says of using the phrase "boat n******", which she says she thought was an old nautical term.

Racial slur rips apart Real Housewives of Auckland

Julia in tears after her confrontation with Michelle

The sixth episode is not all horrible drama, however - there is a funny section in the middle of it which acts as a nice distraction.

The humour comes, as is often the case, from Angela and her unusual take on how to live life.

She commandeers the ladies away with a helicopter and takes them into the forest, where a magical lady casts bizarre spells on them similar to the show's fan-favourite character, Karen the mystical healer.

The lady in the forest doesn't chant and breathe heavily while removing invisible daggers and swords, however - she mostly just laughs.

"She's sort of on another planet," says Louise, although she acknowledged the similarity of the laughing exercises to her own drama classes.

Racial slur rips apart Real Housewives of Auckland

The housewives take part in laughing yoga exercises

While the ladies are all highly sceptical of the power of Angie's magic - apart from Angela, who is as big an indoctrinated believer in the dark arts as anyone ever has been - it had a profound effect on Julia.

"I'm not sure what Angie did, but I went into this trance-like state and it all came floating to the surface," exclaimed Julia, after receiving some expressive hand-waving to 'move the energy around'.

Michelle and Gilda opted not to go on the magical excursion into the woods, with the N-word explosion spoiling their mood too much.

When all characters were reunited on the beach, there was a heavy layer of tension hanging over them all - magnificently cut through by Angela's unfortunate combination of liquid fake tan and white swimsuit.

"She looked like she'd shit herself," Michelle said, calling it like everyone saw it.

Racial slur rips apart Real Housewives of Auckland

Angela's unfortunate fake tan accident

The episode finishes with Julia and Michelle having dinner together, where the apologies continued.

Michelle accepts the apology, but falls short of offering forgiveness as Julia presents bizarre defences such as claiming to have dated "Maoris and Polynesians".

But they both agree to moving on enough to be cordial for the remaining four episodes - which is very lucky indeed, considering the tease for next week's episode has them firing off real-life shotguns.


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