Sneaky magpie steals man's joint

  • 05/09/2016
Sneaky magpie steals man's joint

One cheeky magpie will be flying high in Australia tonight.

A hilarious video captures the moment the bird robs a pot smoker and takes off with his joint.

The drug user had left his cannabis cigarette outside on the porch only to discover a sly magpie had taken it into its mouth.

The man yells at the bird as he watches his joint get carried off.

"Are you f**king s**ting me?" he says. "You stole my joint."

The stakes are high, and he makes a desperate attempt to snatch back his joint.

"Give it back," he pipes up.

But just when he thought the magpie was his bud, it flies away in a puff.

The bird is victorious, and the man is left smoked.

Magpie swooping season is in full swing in Australia, which has had mild winter temperatures and triggered early breeding.