Tower Bridge smashes largest Lego record

  • 30/09/2016

A replica of London's Tower Bridge has smashed the previous record for the largest Lego structure ever built.

The model contains 5,805,846 individual Lego blocks and stands at an impressive 13 metres tall, beating the previous record by nearly half a million pieces.

It's enough bricks that if they were laid end to end, it would stretch nearly 320km - the distance between the Tower Bridge in London, to Paris.

The only certified Lego professional in the UK, Duncan Titmarsh, led the construction over five months.

It was revealed in very dramatic fashion, with reality TV star Bear Grylls rappelling down the bridge.

Lego's Emma Owen says it's proof with the bricks and some imagination, anything can be built.

"This is an epic, outstanding build that absolutely captures the imagination in a way we haven't seen before," she says.

The build was constructed as part of a launch event for Land Rover.