Donald Trump is coming to NZ – sort of

Alexander Sparrow as Donald Trump (Katie Boyle)
Alexander Sparrow as Donald Trump (Katie Boyle)

Donald Trump is coming to New Zealand. Or, rather, a Wellington comedian playing the infamous presidential candidate is.

Alexander Sparrow is going on the road in character as Trump for his new show The President.

The production imagines a world in the (possible) near-future, one week after Trump enters the White House.

"No one knows what will happen in the US election, but this shows what's possible," says Sparrow.

"The US presidential election is ripe for satire. There are two extremely unpopular - even hated - candidates… I had to make it into a show!"

Sitting in the director's chair is Patrick Davies, no stranger to the world of political satire having directed 2016 Public Service Announcements for BATS Theatre in Wellington.

"Patrick's done a lot of things I'm going to do in the next few years like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and extensive NZ touring," says Sparrow. "We share a similar sense of humour too."

Preparing for the role of Trump took more than just dying his hair - yes, that's his real hair.

"I read his books, watched interviews and the debates, read articles, watched videos about him. I did everything I could to work out what he thinks and why he thinks it - which was pretty difficult, most of the time."

The mannerisms didn't take long to master and the overall transformation is uncanny.

"It looks great - insofar as you can look great and like Trump at the same time - and feels terrible."

Donald Trump is coming to NZ – sort of

Alexander Sparrow, in character as Donald Trump (Katie Boyle)

Putting himself into Trump's shoes has let Sparrow understand more about the controversial politician.

"At first, I thought he couldn't string a sentence together. Then I read his most recent book, and could see that he recognises America faces genuine threats. I thought his solutions weren't well thought-out, but at least he was bringing something to the table.

"Now that he's said so many offensive things to different groups, I think what he's brought to the table should have been left in the car."

The show isn't anti-Trump, and even his biggest fans will find something in it to laugh at.

"I've taken everything I think is stupid and absurd about the elections and thrown it into the one show."

That being said, Sparrow himself thinks "the only good thing that's come out of his mouth is my show".

The President is touring New Zealand from mid-October, with dates at the Classic Studio in Auckland from November 9-12.