How to Dad gets $80,000 towards new web series

How to Dad (YouTube/How to Dad)
How to Dad (YouTube/How to Dad)

The man behind the 'How to Dad' Facebook and YouTube page has received almost $85,000 in NZ On Air funding to go towards a new web series based on his hugely popular character.

Jordan Watson, who began the page by making a video for his friend who was expecting a child, says the grant will go towards a five-episode web series that will extend on the 'How-to Dad' character.

The series will be called How to Dad: Legend of the Gumboot.

"We want to give him a story arc. He wants to become New Zealand's number 1 gumboot thrower - not just be known as the 'How to Dad'," Watson told Newshub.

Watson says the beloved character's kids only know him as the how-to guy, and he wants to make them proud by becoming the best gumboot thrower in the country.

The series will use a mockumentary-style format, similar to the 'How to Dad' videos, to follow his journey towards becoming a gumboot champion.

"We want overseas viewers to genuinely believe that gumboot throwing is the biggest sport in New Zealand," he said.

Watson says the series is in its early stages of writing, but he hopes to have production underway by summer.

"We'll be looking at getting together as soon as possible  we'll film it over summer so that we can get that nice Kiwi summer on screen, and then we hope to have it out by late summer.

"I've never made a web series before. It's exciting and daunting, but we'll give it a crack," he said.

The funding grant is part of NZ On Air's new Skip Ahead program, a joint initiative with Google to encourage YouTube creators to produce scripted narrative series.

Ao-terror-oa, Happy Playland and Rekt also received grants of $80,000 or more.

In addition to funding from NZ On air and YouTube, Google will provide skill development workshops, and invite successful participants to attend the YouTube Pop Up Space in Sydney to assist the creators in growing their audiences.