Kim Kardashian thought she'd be raped during Paris robbery - report

Kim Kardashian (Reuters)
Kim Kardashian (Reuters)

When Kim Kardashian was ordered out of bed by masked gunmen in Paris, she feared she was going to be raped, according to reports.

The reality TV star had millions of dollars of jewellery stolen in the attack but was left unharmed by the five robbers.

Detailed reports of the incident have been published online, painting a horrifying picture of what went down during the attack.

TMZ reports that Kardashian told police that she feared she would be raped as one of robbers grabbed her ankles after binding her hands.

She is said to have screamed and begged for her life, telling the assailants to take whatever they like but leave her alive for her "babies".

The normally prolific social media user has been quiet since the incident, but via Instagram, 66-year-old former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner today was the first family member to speak out.

Kardashian's personal bodyguard Pascal Duvier was not in her luxury Paris apartment during the robbery - instead he was at the Arc nightclub with her family members Kourtney and Kendall a short distance away.

He reportedly arrived back to assist Kardashian just a few minutes after the robbers left.

French police are continuing to hunt down the perpetrators, who allegedly knew their way around the apartment and specifically demanded her impressive diamond ring.