Kiwi filmmaker touches down home after year in Antarctica

Kiwi filmmaker touches down home after year in Antarctica

After a long winter cut off from the world in Antarctica, shrouded in silence and complete darkness, filmmaker Anthony Powell has returned to New Zealand.

His year-long adventure will soon be condensed into a television show and a series of free educational short films.

"[I enjoy] the novelty of walking around outside without having to wear a hat and not having the ears go numb," he told Newshub after he arrived in Christchurch.

The acclaimed filmmaker is used to the harshness of Antarctica - where it's white in every direction and -40degC.

"It's an incredibly diverse place, the scale is just mind-blowing, just how big things [are], just how expansive it is," he says.

Mr Powell is a man with ice in his veins - he's spent 10 winters in the dark on the frozen continent.

In 2013 he produced the documentary A Year On Ice and this time he filmed an educational series for Antarctica New Zealand.

The footage captures the isolation at the bottom of the world, from the wildlife braving the harsh conditions to stunning landscapes.

"I never get tired of it and what you can capture on film is still only a tiny fraction of the experience of the real thing," he said.

Including the natural phenomenon of the southern lights, or aurora australis.

"This winter has been pretty good for auroras over all, so I never get tired of seeing those."

After 395 days straight on the ice he has just 10 days off before heading back to Antarctica, lecturing and filming the place he calls home.