VNZMAs: 'I'm not a hip hop artist' - Aaradhna refuses award

VNZMAs: 'I'm not a hip hop artist' - Aaradhna refuses award

New Zealand R&B singer Aaradhna has refused her New Zealand Music Award saying she had been "placed in the category of brown people".

Aaradhna Jayantilal Patel won Best Urban/Hip Hop album for Brown Girl which she released in July this year.

After being announced the winner she spoke about her heritage and about the meaning of the album's single, 'Brown Girl'.

"So this song is 'Brown Girl' and it speaks on many things, it speaks on racism and being placed in a box and for me, I feel like if I was to accept this, I would feel like I'm not being truthful in my song."

She went on to say how she thought the award categories stereotyped musicians of colour.

"I feel like if you are putting a soul singer, next to a hip hop artist, it's not fair. I'm a singer, I'm not a rapper, I'm not a hip hop artist, it feels like I've been placed in the category of brown people.

"We need a soul R&B category," she said.

So she passed the award onto hip hop newcomers Swidt.

"I want to give this to a hip hop artist because I feel like this is the kind of award  that's for a hip hop artist and I want to give it to Swidt because I believe you guys are the future of hip hop if you guys keep going."

Aaradhna went on to perform her hit single 'Brown Girl' and received a standing ovation.