Alien Weaponry: Metal the perfect outlet for Te Reo Māori

  • 13/11/2016
Alien Weaponry
Alien Weaponry

They're loud, proud and in your face. Alien Weaponry are a three-piece thrash metal band from Waipū, and they have a lot to say - in Te Reo Māori. 

Henry De Jong, Alien Weaponry's drummer, told The Hui their music "is very focused on whakapapa and what's happened to our family in the past".

They have no qualms about tackling issues such as land confiscation and Tino Rangatiratanga, and believe metal is the perfect genre to express controversial themes.

Their unique style is hitting the right notes - Alien Weaponry are the current champs of the Smokefree Rockquest and the Smokefree Pasifika Beats competitions.

Brothers Henry and Lewis de Jong and their friend Ethan Trembath are currently recording their first album, which is being recorded by Shihad rocker Tom Larkin.

Their dream is to play for overseas audiences and have long-term success on the thrash metal scene.

Watch the video for the full story from The Hui's Raiha Johns.