First a poem, now a song for 'quake island' cows

They've made headlines around the world, a poem, and now they've made a song. Well not quite.

The three bovines left stranded on an island near Kaikoura after Monday morning's massive earthquake have gone around the world.

A farmer's daughter from Woodville submitted a poem to Newshub on Tuesday and The Breeze presenter Robert Scott liked it so much, he decided to turn it into a song.

"I was lying in bed on the [Newshub] app and saw it, and I thought, 'I can make a song out of this,'" he said.

"I put it together in 10 minutes and recorded the song, and then my technical producer added the sound effects."

Within 24 hours of Scott playing the song on The Breeze, it had already gained international attention with a German journalist contacting him about it.

"I'm quite bemused… it has taken on it's own legs."

Here are the lyrics if you would like to sing along.

It started out, just like any old day Just munching on grass, and munching on hay

Us three bovines happy as, for all to see But life as we knew it, wasn't going to be…

While settled down, for a blissful night We three bovines awoke, with a fright

The ground below us, started to shake Oh noooooooo, that's got to be an earthquake…

Our lovely, cosy bed, started to slide And we three bovines, had nowhere to hide

Suddenly scarily, the ground began to recede We were left, with no water and nary a weed…

By the light of the dawn, all could see our plight What had happened to us, during the night

Our plaintive pleas, went out far and wide While we waited, for the jolts and the shakes to subside…

The rescue team, came to the fore For us three bovines, they couldn't have done more

They dug and they dug, and got us all out A successful mission, without a doubt…

Once we were saved, we three bovines were all full of glee For us were paddocks and grass, as far as the eye could see

So thanks to you all, you just made our day We're munching on grass, and munching on hay, once again.