'Mannequin challenge' taking the internet by storm

(Twitter / @mannequinvid)
(Twitter / @mannequinvid)

First it was the ice bucket challenge, then the running man challenge - and now it's the mannequin challenge that's proving to be the latest genuine viral internet trend.

The latest viral hit looks set to hit the same heights as planking and the Harlem Shake did in the peak of their popularity - largely down to a number of high-profile sports teams having a go.

The craze essentially consists of every person in the clip getting into a funny position, usually pretending to be frozen mid-action, and staying motionless as someone films them.

The Kiwis tried out in the changing room ahead of their loss to the Kangaroos on the weekend - and even Sir Peter Leitch joined in the fun, with admittedly mixed results.

But it's in the United States where the craze has really taken off - with high school students, American football teams and rappers alike striking a pose and standing perfectly still for the camera.

However, it seems to have started spreading all over the world - with even German football team Borussia Dortmund getting in on the act.