Quake cows immortalised in pencil sketch

The piece is a one-off fundraiser (Becca Aiken / Trade Me)
The piece is a one-off fundraiser (Becca Aiken / Trade Me)

The cows stranded on a piece of land after the Kaikoura quakes have reached the next stage of their immortality - art.

Newshub's video of three cows trapped on a grassy hill when the land around them had cleaved away gained attention worldwide, tugging on the heartstrings of millions.

Their plight has been captured in a poem, a song, and now a pencil drawing.

Artist Becca Aiken has immortalised the cows in a framed pencil sketch and is auctioning it off for the Red Cross to help in the aftermath of the devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake.

"Amid the recent devastation in the South Island of New Zealand, this image of the island cows has come to symbolise the isolation and destruction experienced by so many," she says.

"Held together on a small heart shaped island, united as a family and surrounded by love. Kia Kaha - stand strong New Zealand."

Aiken created the piece as a one-off fundraiser hoping to help contribute to a community in need.

"We all have to do our part and come together to help where we can," she says.

Bids on the piece had already topped $600 on Friday morning. It was put on Trade Me on Thursday night.