Mediaworks radio to launch streaming platform 'rova'

Rova will launch in January 2017 (supplied)
Rova will launch in January 2017 (supplied)

MediaWorks has announced it will launch a new digital audio streaming platform called rova in 2017.

The mobile app will offer access to all Mediaworks entertainment radio stations, including The Edge, The Edge TV, The Rock, More FM, The Breeze, The Sound, Mai, George FM, RadioLIVE and Magic.

Rova will provide 24/7 streaming of highlight podcast-style packages on dedicated channels from a range of MediaWorks’ entertainment and news brands including the Mai Morning Crew, More FM’s Si & Gary, TV3’s 7 Days and The Edge’s Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell from January, with more to come.

Leon Wratt, Group Content Director of Music said: “rova is a new way of doing radio. A natural next step for MediaWorks, it builds on our strength of having the best talent and best content - but goes a giant step further than traditional digital streaming services.”

He said that as new shows are developed they’ll be added to the app.

Rova will be available in January for iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play.