Most inappropriate Christmas outfit ever?

Bluebella's 'Unwrap Me' Body Bow (
Bluebella's 'Unwrap Me' Body Bow (

A British lingerie company has released a racy festive outfit that has been slammed as "the most WTF garment of 2016".

Bluebella's 'Unwrap Me' Body Bow is a satin ribbon that ties around the body into a gift-like bow, but leaves little to the imagination.

The Huffington Post calls the Body Bow the "least sexy thing ever", Cosmopolitan calls it "so odd it has to be seen to be believed" while Jezebel wrote a satirical piece on what would happen if two people both wore the outfit to a staff Christmas party.

Bluebella's 'Unwrap Me' Body Bow
Bluebella's 'Unwrap Me' Body Bow (

"You've officially earned the award for the most WTF garment of 2016 (a year of many, many WTFs)," writes Style Caster.

"Is it a bodysuit? Fetishwear for Santa enthusiasts? A preview of Trump's White House holiday decorations?"

On The Rag, a New Zealand women's issues podcast, mocked the item on its Facebook page, labelling it "festive fanny floss".

Bluebella's 'Unwrap Me' Body Bow (
Bluebella's 'Unwrap Me' Body Bow (

"It boggles the mind, who would actually buy that and wear it," says Leonie Hayden of On The Rag.

"Television and films have played out this scenario where a woman wraps herself in a bow as a present for someone's birthday. So I get what it's inspired by, but this is all kinds of hideous."

The Body Bow is available for purchase on British website for £16.00 (about NZ$28).

Bluebella's 'Unwrap Me' Body Bow (
Bluebella's 'Unwrap Me' Body Bow (

BlueBella released the outfit as part of their mission 'to inspire female confidence'.

"I cannot think of anything that would make me more self-conscious," says Ms Hayden.

"You would have to be tanned, buffed and waxed from woe to go - and incredibly confident - to pull that outfit off. If you are all of those things and you want to wear it, then all power to you, but I can't imagine they're going to sell very many."

Bluebella's 'Unwrap Me' Body Bow (
Bluebella's 'Unwrap Me' Body Bow (

The Body Bow is 100 percent polyester, can be tied a number of ways and is an "oversized", one-size-fits-all design.

But it's definitely not a hit with everyone.

"Not only is it floss for your down there bits, it's also asymmetrical floss that pulls off to one side," says Ms Hayden.

"The idea of doing any activity in an outfit like that just seems very unhygienic."

Whatever you decide to wear this Christmas, we hope you have a very merry one indeed.


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