The Rock 'honoured' to showcase Polynesian culture in Moana

  • 26/12/2016

Disney movie Moana opens across the country on Boxing Day after dominating the box office in the US.

Headlining this South Pacific animated extravaganza is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as demi-god Maui, and few would argue it's the role he was born to play.

Johnson has strong ties to the Pacific. The 44-year-old was born to Samoan parents and he lived in New Zealand during his childhood. His mother was born here.

He takes his Samoan heritage seriously.

We know he can dance, but in Moana, Maui must sing. And like everything, it seems, that The Rock touches, it's gold.

"Honoured - I felt like after seeing the movie, you get emotional, you cry during it, but everyone watching this, especially in New Zealand, knows that Polynesians are emotional, right?" he says. "So when we see something like that, I was very, very happy with the end product, because for the first time we had an opportunity to showcase our Polynesian culture to the world."

When The Rock decides to showcase something, it's on.

"It's something that speaks to all of us - everyone in New Zealand, Polynesian cultures all over the world, all cultures, by the way, around the world, which is the voice which speaks to us, that's deep inside of here, that you always must listen to it because it will never steer you wrong."

Moana has been a long time coming. It opened to rave reviews and a record-breaking box office in the US in November.

But the wait? It's worth it. And The Rock as Maui? He's worth it too. Thanks Maui.