Chris Brown, Soulja Boy feud turns nasty with violent threats, sexual slurs

  • 04/01/2017

A war of words between musicians Chris Brown and Soulja Boy has turned nasty, with threats of violence including a video of gun-wielding gang members.

The beef appears to have started by 'Crank That' hitmaker Soulja Boy liking and leaving a comment on a photo published online by Karreuche Tran, an ex of Brown's.

This caused the 'Kiss Kiss' hitmaker to phone Soulja Boy and complain, he claims, which in turn led to multiple angry videos and tweets from both men issuing threats at each other.

Brown has a history of violent crime, most notably a savage assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 - which Soulja Boy has brought up repeatedly in their back-and-forth videos.

"You think you hard coz you hit Rihanna, n**ga?" he asks while looking directly into the camera.

"Do that shit to me, p**sy-ass n**ga... when I see you, I'ma beat the f**k out you, n**ga."

Brown called Soulja Boy a "snitch" in his own videos and said such a feud was beneath him, but nonetheless offered up the use of his gym for a boxing match between the pair.

After Soulja Boy alleged he had a more criminal background than Brown, members of the LA 'Bloods' gang got involved. They've uploaded a video of themselves toting firearms and expressing support for Brown, while refuting Soulja Boy's claims.

Tran, the person the war of words was initially waged over, weighed in to say it was "so ridiculous it makes no sense". Brown replied furiously in an Instagram rant which included vulgar sexual slurs.

Chris Brown furious with Karreuche Tran on Instagram

Brown also dragged another woman into the feud by posting a screenshot of a text conversation he had with her. She's represented by a nude avatar, and in the texts claims to have kicked Soulja Boy out of her house following his beef with Brown.

Chris Brown tweeted a text conversation with a mutual partner of Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy has been involved in multiple beefs with people including Bow Wow and Shia LaBeouf, although generally they're of a more comical and less serious nature than the latest.


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