Ewan McGregor snubs Piers Morgan after Women's March comments

Film star Ewan McGregor pulled out of a UK television interview with Piers Morgan at the last minute over the controversial broadcaster's view on the Women's March against President Trump.

The Scottish actor was set to appear on the Good Morning Britain to talk about his new film T2 Trainspotting - the sequel to the cult classic Trainspotting - but had a change of heart when found out Piers Morgan hosted the show.

"Was going on Good Morning Britain, didn't realise Piers Morgan was host. Won't go on after him after his comments about #womensmarch," the Star Wars actor tweeted.

That led Morgan, a controversial journalist and television personality in the UK and the US, to criticise McGregor, saying actors should stay out of politics.

"So because I didn't think that the march was a fantastic thing, because I didn't agree with the politics of it, Ewan McGregor, who is an actor, who was here to talk about a movie has decided he can't come and talk about his movie which is a shame.

"And that plays into my view that maybe actors should just talk about their films and not get so worked up about politics because [it's] not really their game," he said on the show.

But co-host Susanna Reid reminded Morgan that many others, including herself, took umbrage at his thoughts on the march which saw millions protest around the world against President Trump and his sexist views on women.

"A lot of people took issue with your comments about women marching, including the woman who sits next to you every morning."

Morgan then challenged McGregor to debate the issue on the show before labelling his snub as "bizarre and unique".

"I don't force my opinions on other people, I offer mine and I argue. Come and debate it, don't just don't turn up." 

The day after President Trump's inauguration on January 20, cities across the world were flooded with protesters who stood opposed to the 45th President's agenda and his demeaning comments toward women. 

Celebrities including Katy Perry, Stephen Colbert, Scarlett Johansson, America Ferrera and Amy Schumer, Madonna and former Secretary of State John Kerry were among demonstrators.

It was estimated that the march in Washington DC was three times the size of the crowd which turned up for Mr Trump's inauguration.