Kiwi Brendon Chase could be world's best Elvis impersonator

  • 20/01/2017

New Zealand may be a long way from Memphis, but on Auckland's North Shore we might just have the best Elvis in the world.

Brendon Chase has been performing as the King of Rock and Roll professionally for more than 20 years.

Mr Chase, formerly of the New Zealand Navy, is New Zealand's top Elvis impersonator - and he's finally won a prestigious competition in Australia.

He'll now be heading to Memphis in August this year to compete for the title of world's best Elvis impersonator, a competition which will coincide with the 40th anniversary of the singer's death.

"I'm gonna go there and have some fun, give my all and do what I do, well I guess if I do well the judges will know it," he says.

Of course, being the best Elvis means having the finest costumes worth thousands of dollars and so he gave Newshub a few tips - including bling, glasses, and some signature dance moves.