Shia LaBeouf arrested at 'He Will Not Divide Us' protest

Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf has been arrested after getting into an altercation outside a museum in New York.

LaBeouf has recently gained attention for his unusual protesting methods and on Tuesday (NZ time) was filmed screaming down a white supremacist during a livestream.

It was the same location he was arrested at on Thursday, after he allegedly grabbed a man's scarf and scratched his face in the process.

Local police say the man refused medical attention at the scene.

LaBeouf's arrest was captured on his 'He Will Not Divide Us' protest livestream, where police can be seen handcuffing him as both LaBeouf and his fellow supports continue to chant "he will not divide us".

"If you're going to arrest him, arrest all of us," one supporter yelled to the police, while others shouted their support.

"F*** you, you Nazis," another supporter can be heard yelling.

LaBeouf's alleged altercation was not captured on the livestream.