Shia LaBeouf screams down white supremacist during livestream

Shia LaBeouf screams directly into the ear of a man who is reciting white supremacist slogans in a video being widely shared online.

The Transformers star launched a video protest project at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York earlier this week, hoping to livestream for an entire four years.

LaBeouf and a crowd chant "He will not divide us" at the site, as a reaction to what they see as the dangerously divisive rhetoric of President Trump.

A man in a Hitler Youth hat walks up to the camera and says "14/88", a common white supremacist code, before beginning to recite its 14 words - but he's cut off as LaBeouf yells him down.

The infamous 'fourteen words' are: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children". They were coined by David Lane, who is serving a life sentence for his part in the assassination of a Jewish talk show host.

The 88 is in reference to "Heil Hitler", as H is the eighth letter in the alphabet.

Dylann Roof, who killed nine people in a racially motivated 2015 mass murder, is one of the many white supremacists to use the 14/88 code.

Other people attended the project to 'troll' its supporters, by brandishing images of Pepe the frog, an image that has been associated with a white supremacist movement labelled "the alt-right".

In another segment of the livestream, LaBeouf angrily attempts to grab a Pepe sign off a man, before chasing him out of shot.

The livestream can be viewed at