The Edge of Seventeen review

I don't need any other reason than Woody Harrelson to see this movie, and as it turns out, he's not the only great thing about The Edge of Seventeen.

We already know Hailee Steinfeld can act, we got that in her opening few frames of True Grit.  She's grown up quite a bit since then.. and this is easily her best outing since.

Here she takes even the most obviously unlikable traits of the infuriating and self-absorbed Nadine and with an endearing engagingly awkward flair she sucks us in.

Nadine's having a bad few years really, which clash quite badly with puberty and high school.

Her only saving grace, bestie Krista.

Soooo.. when Krista hooks up with Darion, Nadine's older brother and nigh on perfect specimen of young manhood, Nadine's entire existance goes to hell in a handbasket.

She does NOT cope well.

Embracing the somewhat cliched formula of these coming of age teen flicks.. The Edge of Seventeen manages to artfully dodge any staleness by virtue of a great script and the universally excellent performances all round... balancing the light and the dark of Nadine's inner and outer turmoil with humour and heart.  Well worth the ticket price.

3.5 Stars.