The Project hosts: Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd and Josh Thomson

  • 09/01/2017
The Project's NZ hosts are Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd and Josh Thomson
The Project's NZ hosts are Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd and Josh Thomson

Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd and Josh Thomson have been revealed as the hosts of MediaWorks’ new primetime current affairs-entertainment show The Project.

The show, due to debut in February at 7pm on TV3, promises to combine current affairs and entertainment in a "unique way … offering audiences an intelligent, informative and very funny half-hour mix of the stories that matter from New Zealand and around the world".

Comedians Mulligan and Thomson will be joined by Newshub weather presenter Lloyd as the three hosts.

The Project executive producer Jon Bridges says viewers can expect a "fresh format" at 7pm from next month.

"The Project is fast, polished, informative and funny - and during the screen tests this extremely successful Australian format came alive in front of our eyes. Casting Jesse, Kanoa and Josh was a thrill," Bridges said.

"The best part was hearing their whoops of excitement when they found out who they’d be working with."

Mulligan previously worked on TV3’s 7 Days programme as Head Writer and as a panellist. He has also worked as The Project Australia’s New Zealand correspondent.

"Kanoa and Josh are a dream team," Mulligan says.

"Kanoa brings brilliant and diverse broadcast experience, with an undeniable star quality. Josh might be the funniest person in New Zealand, but he’s also pure chaos. I think 7pm could use some chaos."

Thomson, also a regular on 7 Days, says he’s "painfully excited" to be part of The Project.

"It’s a daily live show where I can say stupid things to the nation and it’ll be too late for the editors to cut it out. I love dissecting the news, and now I can do it without Dad telling me off for talking over the news."

Lloyd joins The Project from her role as a Newhub weather presenter.  

"Apparently this is a new ‘job’, but I cannot imagine how this will feel like work," she says.

"How lucky am I to get to spend my evenings telling stories with these two. Jesse is one of those people who’s bloody good at everything.

"He’s funny, smart and incredibly kind - and it’s embarrassing how much of a fan I am of Josh."

The three hosts will be joined each night by a variety of guests to discuss the stories of the day.

Guest hosts will include media commentators, comedians, sport, political and other personalities.

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