The Rock attempts KFC drive-thru on lawn mower

  • 27/01/2017

Just days on from a Hawke's Bay man on a mobility scooter being denied from using a McDonald's drive-thru, The Rock radio station has tried a similar manoeuvre themselves.

On Saturday, Napier man Wayne Sykes was left "pissed off" after McDonald's staff stopped him from purchasing a soft-serve ice cream from the drive-thru because he was on a mobility scooter - but The Rock has proved KFC might be a better bet next time.

The team conducted an experiment at a central Auckland KFC in an attempt to work out whether Morning Rumble host Bryce Casey would get served in a drive-thru if he drove in on a ride-on lawnmower.

The experiment started with Casey ordering his meal before arriving at the pick-up window, where a visibly surprised KFC employee was waiting to give him his food.

The employee was asked whether he had ever seen someone come through the drive-thru on a lawnmower. He originally answered yes, before revising his answer to say it wasn't something he'd ever witnessed.

Upon payment, however, the food was handed over and Casey drove off in a blaze of glory with the bucket of chicken sitting safely on his lap.