Cuffs to couture: 'Hot felon' makes New York Fashion Week debut

Jeremy 'Hot Felon' Meeks in New York
Meeks backstage before walking for German designer Philipp Plein (Getty)

It's a story of redemption - internet sensation Jeremy 'Hot Felon' Meeks has gone from walking the prison hallways, to the catwalk in New York Fashion Week.

The prisoner-turned-model shot to fame on Facebook after his mug shot was shared and it turns out his criminally good looks matched his behaviour. 

Meeks was arrested in California three years ago and served 27 months for a string of offenses, including possessing an illegal firearm, but the only guns on show in New York were his own; he was snapped backstage shirtless before donning some designer gear and making his catwalk debut for German designer Philipp Plein.

It probably won't be the last time the ex-con trades cuffs for couture - he's taken to Instagram to recall the 'epic' experience from earlier this week. 

The 33-year-old was signed to London modelling agency SUPA while still behind bars. He was released last March.