Five reasons you should be part of The Project's live audience

There was no song and dance at this week's media call for Three's new 7pm show The Project.

Hosts Kanoa Lloyd, Jesse Mulligan and Josh Thomson, and the crew for the news and entertainment 'hybrid' have been working hard, getting ready for their first show on Monday.

While it should prove to be an entertaining watch on television, there are some things you'll only see if you're part of the live audience.

So, why should you consider coming along?

1. The hype guy – Rhys Mathewson. You might recognise his name from 7 Days. His job is to warm up the crowd and see who can tell the best (or most offensive) joke. He's incredibly funny and a show in himself.

2. The set. Sources close to The Project say it's almost identical to the set for Australia's version of the show. See it for yourself...

3. Ad break banter between the hosts. But remember: what happens in the ad break, stays in the ad break.

4. The guests. If Australia's version of the show is anything to go by, we'll see some great local and international guests sitting at the desk – and let's face it, who doesn't want the opportunity to lay eyes on someone famous?

5. It's free! Not much more needs to be said.