Fringe Festival show peeks into NZ's sex industry

Sex and how we discuss it has come a long way in New Zealand. But one area that’s still a little foggy is the world of sex work, more specifically relating to how we understand those working in the industry. 

At this year's Wellington Fringe Festival the two-person show Paying For It will provide an insider's guide to the industry.

Stories have been collected from people working in the sex industry and cover sexual surrogacy, stripping to sugaring, brothels to BDSM, and everything in between.

Co-producers Roxy and Jack have several years experience working in the sex industry.

"We know that what we do for a living is seen as taboo by the general public at large and we are keen to lift the lid on the industry and dispel some of the popular myths surrounding our profession," says Jack.

"Even though sex work in New Zealand is legal, there is still a deeply ingrained stigma attached to being actively involved with the industry."

Roxy continues: "We are bringing a no holds barred, candid look at what life is really like for those of us who live and work in the sex industry. The highs, the lows and the wonderfully weird parts of what it is like to work in the oldest profession.

"This is our reality; our stories and our experiences."

Paying For It's next performance is on Friday 24 February at Wellington's Ivy Bar. Ticket proceeds go to the New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective.


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