Grammys 2017: red carpet fashion gallery

CeeLo on the Grammys red carpet (Getty)
CeeLo on the Grammys red carpet (Getty)

The 59th annual Grammy Awards is underway at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

Of course, the festivities kicked off hours before the awards themselves, with the red carpet fashion being the reason many of us tune in.

This year there were red carpets looks which made not just high-fashion statements, but political statements as well.

Lady Gaga

Lady gaga on the red carpet

Lady Gaga is back. She dropped off the radar a little lately, but after that Superbowl performance, she walked onto the Grammys red carpet like she owned the place. Channelling Madonna in high-waisted leather shorts, thigh high boots and aviators, she has come in like the 2017 version of Sandy going all hot and leather-clad in Grease. Teamed with a bright pink lip and equally pink hair, I can’t help but love this outfit on the ‘Bad Romance’ singer.  Go go Gaga. 

CeeLo Green

Cee Lo Green on the red carpet

I cannot claim this one myself, but a tweeter captured this moment perfectly with the words "CeeLo showed up looking like an angry Ferro Rocher". The 'Forget You' singer arrived in a long sleeved, metallic gold zip up gown, complete with a superhero gold face mask and metallic gloves. He looks like a Batman villain dressed up for prom. There is not a lot of fashion comment that can be made on this outfit, but the singer seems pretty proud of his creation, posing robotically for photos on the red carpet.  Green is not up for any awards at the Grammys this year, except perhaps 'most raised eyebrows' or most immediate Twitter gags. 


Skrillex on the red carpet at the Grammys

Skrillex was out to pick up some milk and bread and just accidentally stumbled onto the red carpet. This is the kind of thing that really grinds my gears, when DJs dress like they're too cool for the Grammys. Sure, that t-shirt probably cost more than an inner city Auckland apartment, but it still looks like he thinks he's too good to dress up. Dressing in a t-shirt and chinos like you’re off to make coffee at a hipster café DOESN’T MAKE YOU COOL SKRILLEX. Obviously he's going to read this and issue an apology immediately. I’m looking forward to it. 


Halsey at the Grammys

This is one of those outfits where it's so bizarre and hideous, I almost find myself liking it. Then I look at it again and I realise that no, I just really hate it. The 'Closer' singer changes hairstyles like most of change our sheets, and has accompanied her bleached bond crop with this 90s inspired sports ensemble. The jacket is being held on with a mix of fashion tape and prayers, and she's drowning in the matching pants. I get the edgy vibe, I do, but Halsey has just missed the goal in this football player's away kit. 


Elle King

Elle King at the Grammys 2017 Reuters

Elle King should rename herself Elle Queen in this fairy-tale gown. The fitted bodice and chiffon skirt fit the 'Ex's and Oh's' singer like a glove.  Rose gold tones in her makeup reflect the hand-sewn roses on her dress. The intricate detailing on this gown must have taken hours, and she's let the flowers be an accessory in themselves, paring it back with minimal jewellery.  The flower crown is the only bum note for me, but that might be because we're all over the flower crown Snapchat filter. I love, love, love this dress. I want it myself, is it appropriate to wear to brunch? 



The 25 singer is looking amazing at the moment, and with Adele fever hyping up ahead of her NZ shows, I don’t want to say anything that will cause fans to hunt me down and force me to listen to 25 until I drown in my own tears. But this dress has just so many things going on, it's hard to know where to begin. The layers of appliqued detailing, the mix of lace and silk and mesh….It's making me feel a bit motion sick as my eyes try to focus on one detail. The crossover panelling on the bodice also makes the singer look slightly like she's going into battle. The colour is gorgeous, but it's another dramatic statement on a gown that's already swimming with them. Too much Adele! (I'm sorry, and see you at the Sunday show).

Joy Villa

Joy Villa at the Grammys Getty

Singer Joy Villa has pulled no punches with this gown. While she originally hit the red carpet in a white dress, she soon pulled it off to reveal this blue gown with the words “Make America Great Again” emblazoned down the front. There's not much point in assessing this dress for its fashion; she's not worn it to be on the 'Top 10 Best Dressed' list, instead show her stance on the newly inaugurated President of the United States. Many celebrities have been using this awards season to make clear their political stance on President Trump, but it's rare to see positive affirmation worn in such a dramatic fashion statement.

Camilia Cabello

Camilia Cabello at the Grammys Getty

Making her first solo appearance at the Grammys after that awkward split from her Fifth Harmony band mates, Camilia Cabello seems to be trying to tone her sexed-up image. The 'Bad Things' singer has gone for a strangely conservative look, with layers upon layers of tulle and diamante flowers that reminds me of the wedding dress I used to put on my 'Marry Me Barbie doll'. It's a weirdly dated look, and while the newly solo singer seems to be trying to strike notes of glam and diva-esque drama, it misses the mark. Maybe the follow up to 'Bad Things' should be 'Bad Stylists' .