Jason Gunn back on air after heart attack

Jason Gunn will be back at work on Monday after suffering the "emotional rollercoaster" of a heart attack in late January.

He told More FM's Si and Gary he's going through therapy and still in the process of working through what happened. 

"I've got some therapy I'm going through at the moment... I'm very much on the ride still. 

"I still have very emotional moments, where you either think yourself very lucky or you just worry about it. But you just have to get on and know you have the best treatment."

He said he feels up to getting back to the airwaves, and is looking at his priorities in life.

A doctor had given Gunn some advice, which is still resonating with the long-time radio host.

Gunn said the doctor told him he "has permission".

"I said, 'What does that mean?' And he said, 'Look, you're probably a very busy person, but you've now got permission unlike you've had before. Maybe you want to change cities, change house. Whatever you want to do, you can actually do it now. Others and yourself will give you permission, because you've had a heart attack.'"

Gunn said he wasn't considering changing jobs, but that it was all "still a bit surreal".

The first sign something was wrong was when Gunn went to the gym on January 30.

"I'd been to the gym. Let's not make it sound like I'd been frequenting the establishment much. It was my first time back in a while, on the Monday.

"I had a funny wee chest pain on the Monday, which, to be honest, just felt like we all get the odd chest pain... And then on the second day - on the Tuesday - I went again, and I just felt very unusual afterwards," Gunn said.

He said "it was chest pain unlike [what he'd] felt before". "

It wasn't a sharp stab - more of a dull tightening, like a belt around the chest. He also felt nauseous and quite faint, and immediately went to the doctor.

"That's the key thing. If you're not sure, just go anyway", he said.

Gunn is now counting his blessings, and says he's been given a reminder of what's important.

"It was like after the earthquake - some good must come of something so bad. I guess that's the journey I'm on now", he said.