Kiwi singer Anika Moa jokes about being a 'runaway bride'

  • 27/02/2017
The couple have been together for four years (Getty)
The couple have been together for four years (Getty)

Songstress Anika Moa says she had jitters about tying the knot with her partner of four years, and even considered doing a runner.  

Moa, who married former Three journalist Natasha Utting 10 days ago, jokingly told the Woman's Day she considered taking off. 

"Last night, I had visions of Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride. I wanted to put my running shoes on and see if I could find a wild horse. But I couldn't, so I've decided to stay," she laughed.

The wedding took place overlooking Bethells Beach in Auckland earlier this month. 

The ceremony was full of the couple's humour - the two delivered punch lines in their vows. 

"Fans may get your signature on their bosom, but I have you tattooed on my heart. I love you," Utting said. 

Moa promised to "make sweet passionate love to you once a month, if that" and said she'd love Utting "like a crazy psycho".